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Here is a sneak peak at some of the experiences

What does it mean to smudge?

Join knowledge keeper Kelvin Redsky and learn more!

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Indigenous Dance Styles

Ever been to a Pow Wow? Then you've seen all the different dancers and regalia. Join knowledge keepers to hear what they have to say!

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Water is life

We know Indigenous peoples are stewards of the land, learn more about what water means to knowledge keepers Jordan and Reena.

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ImmersiveLink Careers

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Have you thought about these careers? Virtually visit the Worksites

Experience being 70 ft off the ground

Purchase access to this ImmersiveLink experience and see what it takes to be a Powerline Technician.

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Skilled Trades

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Remote Worksites

There are many remote areas within our Nation. If you are interested in working on remote sites, purchase access to this experience and see what it takes to be a remote site labourer.

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ImmersiveLink in your School

ImmersiveLink engages and captivates the student in my classroom. With so many travel restrictions these days, this introduces a whole new way to do career fairs!

Eric S., Grade 10 Teacher

I always felt uncomfortable when a smudge was being done, after watching the Smudging with Medicines, I am so much more aware and actually can participate with confidence now!

Jessie T. New Partnerships Coordinator

This brings career exploration for my clients to a new level! They can explore worksites across Canada right from home, and it communicates to the job seeker in a way I never could.

Stacia P. Employment Counseller

NEW ImmersiveLink Experiences

Everyday the team at ORIGIN is working together with Industry, Communities and People to identify opportunities to capture new careers and Indigenous Experiences to share with our network! As a subscriber, these new experiences will be automatically uploaded to your library and you will need to connect to wi-fi to download to your headset if accessing offline.

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