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Medicine Walk with Raphael Moses - Promenade médicinale avec Raphael Moses

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This experience is hosted by Raphael Moses from Biigtigong Nishnaabe First Nation. He goes through the process of going out and foresting and harvesting different plants and trees. Raphael teaches about the medicinal use of each plant and the importance of giving thanks to Mother Earth. 

Cette expérience est animée par Raphael Moses de la Première Nation Biigtigong Nishnaabe. Il passe par le processus de sortie et de foresterie et de récolte de différentes plantes et arbres. Raphael enseigne l'utilisation médicinale de chaque plante et l'importance de rendre grâce à la Terre Mère.

Purchasing this experience gives unlimited access to the 360 video for 48 hours. An email link including viewing instructions and access code will be emailed to your provided email address within 1 business day. The 48 hours will begin once the code is sent. This experience can be viewed on PC, Mac, Oculus Quest 2, and most mobile devices.